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Many children with asthma were separated from their mothers when they were born. They were in incubators or intensive care nurseries.  They were kept in the hospital when their mothers were sent home without them.  Or their mothers were sick and couldn’t hold or care for them or even see them right away. 
Many asthmatic children have histories like this.
Many other children with asthma were born into families that were in turmoil. 
Their mothers were grieving the loss of a family member.  Or their mothers and fathers were having marital problems.  Or a huge family crisis had just been experienced.  Many asthmatic children have histories like this.

When asthmatic children have these kinds of beginnings, AsthmaBusters might be able to help.

The remainder of this web site can help you understand if your child might be helped by AsthmaBusters and what the AsthmaBusters process entails.



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